Crewe Gang Show 2020 has been cancelled

It is with a heavy heart that the management team, in consultation with the District Commissioner and the Lyceum Theatre, have had to take the decision to cancel Crewe Gang Show 2020. 

 This conclusion has been reached based on the following information:
– HQ Theatres (Crewe Lyceum Theatre) have advised us that they are unable to host shows of our size due to social distancing regulations both backstage and for audiences, in October this year.
– Scout Association guidelines mean we can only rehearse the number of people involved in a show like ours when Scouting is at a ‘Green status’ – meaning no new cases of COVID-19 in the UK OR an effective vaccine is available.

As you can see that left us, with no future dates to book the show, in a position that means Crewe Gang Show 2020 show is not viable.

What happens next: (Q&A)
What happens to pre-purchased tickets?
The Lyceum have advised us that from mid August, they will be allowing refunds on pre-purchased tickets for the show. Their preference will be to issue vouchers with a 2 year expiry on them, but we have been (verbally) assured that they will also have an option for a cash refund too – we will notify you when the theatre advise us of this process.
When is the next Crewe Gang Show?
At this moment in time nothing is formally planned, although the most likely outcome would be to plan for a 2022 show, which would coincide with 90 years since the first ever gang show in London – nothing is confirmed yet.
What is happening to the costumes/set/props/music/songbooks already made for the 2020 show?
No formal decision has been made, but it is likely that a future Crewe Gang Show would look to re-use a large percentage of our plans for the 2020 show – after all, it was beginning to look like a superb show!
Will I get to see my Crewe Gang Show friends again?
YES! The district team are very keen we celebrate all the hard work that you put into Crewe GS 2020 that you sadly didn’t have the opportunity to perform. There will be a full cast party as soon as possible, and the Crewe GS team are meeting shortly to plan a series of exciting events in 2020/2021 with the possibility of parties, workshops, fundraisers and maybe even a Crewe GS camp! AND we want Crewe GS to win Cheshire’s Got Talent – see below!
I want to be involved in the future planning of Crewe Gang Show, what should I do?
We are always keen to hear from adults (parents or leaders), Network and Explorers who might want to get involved behind the scenes in making sure of a future for our show. If you ever feel like you want to get involved in the planning, please email:
What about Gang Show 90 (London)? – I registered my interest.
We sent in numbers to the planning team of GS90 – their plans are not affected by COVID19 and we will announce more information when we get it.

If you have any other questions, thoughts or opinions, please do send them to

Please don’t stray too far because CREWE GANG SHOW WILL BE BACK – BIGGER AND STRONGER!

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